Tuesday 24th January 2017​

The problem with Recruitment Agencies

The problem with Recruitment Agencies is that you don’t really know what they are like until you work with them. And it’s all about the personal relationship you have with the recruiters themselves. If recruiters make it easy to do business with them, you will use them again and again. The path of least resistance rules!

Surely all recruiters do is place ads and wait for applicants to roll in?  Well, yes, some candidates are found as they apply for a role on-line, and yes, the recruiter’s role is to look through the CVs and select the best applicants to talk to. 

Then you have to try to get hold of the applicant.  Frequently candidates can’t talk easily while they are at work, so you email, text and leave them voice mails and hopefully they ring you back!  Telephone Tag is a great game—and happens frequently.  So, recruiters often end up working late to be able to speak to candidates after working hours.

And what if the role is one of those “needles in a haystack” roles where candidates are scarce? The recruiter spends many a happy hour searching and reading CVs to try to find the right person for your role.  As an HR Advisor, I used to take quick glances through CVs from agencies and quite quickly reject them unless they jumped out at me.  I didn’t appreciate the time that the recruitment consultant will have spent (if they are any good!) searching for that candidate, qualifying them over the phone or face to face, summarising the candidate’s skills and sending them over to me.

So you are paying for the Recruiters TIME in looking for the right person for you and also the RESOURCES at their disposal.  There aren’t many industries where people put in hours of time working with no guarantee of any results after all…..

Black Biro are dedicated to providing a professional and friendly service to our clients. We are also part of a TEAM network of Independent Recruiters, which means we can reach out to other recruiters who may specialise in certain sectors for assistance when necessary. Black Biro’s Director, Sarah Kemp, has also worked in HR for many years so she knows exactly what it’s like to be on the “other side”!

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​Friday 13th January 2017

Top 3 mistakes people make on CVs
As a recruiter who reviews more CVs a week than I can count (maybe I will do this one week!), I often come across some mistakes that people make which mean their CV is not considered for a role.

Here are my top 3 "no no's":

1) If you have a gap in your job history, explain it.   I frequently see CVs where the first job listed is several years ago, which just leaves the reader wondering what you have been doing since leaving that job and will automatically ignore your CV for any roles.  If you have been unemployed, it's best to put something like "continually updating skills by taking online courses and doing voluntary work whilst job hunting".

2) Always put your current job as the FIRST in the list in your employment section. When scanning through CVs, recruiters want to jump to the highlights easily and quickly and do not want to read through your whole career history starting from being a paperboy or girl in 1984. They want to see what you are currently doing to see how relevant it is compared to the job they are recruiting for.

3) My personal CV annoyance is when candidates put "works equally well in a team or individually". To me that is just a meaningless phrase. You would be better to use the opportunity to describe your work ethic, or your aspirations and what  you are looking for in your next job.

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